MetPro AH360 – 92% Alumina 3.6 SG

MetPro AH360 Series grinding media is a high-performance, fine grained high grade alumina based media with exceptional performance characteristics. It is well suited to high speed milling of mineral ores and similar hard materials.



Property Specification
Al2O3 (%) 92
SiO2 (%) <5
Other (%) <3
Solids Density (g/cm3) 3.55 – 3.7
Sizes (mm) 0.5 – 30
Roundness (%) > 93
Water Absorption (%) 0.0
Vickers Hardness ~1300
Appearance White / Ivory

Exceptional performance high alumina media, ideally suited as a lower cost alternative for High Intensity Mills such as the Glecore IsaMill, or the Outotec HIGMill.

M10000 Isa mills are utilised for
the regrind of rougher concentrate that contains valuable copper sulphide minerals. Keramos 92% ceramic
media has been used in these mills for over 3 years and we have just recently signed an agreement to
continue to use this product for a further 4 years. Prior to Keramos becoming the media supplier of choice, numerous Alumina and Zirconia Medias from other major suppliers were also tested. After these tests were concluded the Keramos media was found to be the most cost effective media to use for our particular site.”