MetPro ZT380 - ZTA Formulation 3.8 SG

Keramos MetPro ZT380 grinding media is a high density, zirconia toughened
alumina media with exceptional performance characteristics. It exhibits
low friction and high toughness and is best suited for high speed milling
of mineral ores and similar hard materials.



Property Specification
Al2O3 (%) <66
ZrO2 (%) >18
SiO2 (%) <12
Solids Density (g/cm3) 3.75 – 3.9
Sizes (mm) 0.5 – 12
Roundness (%) > 93
Water Absorption (%) 0.0
Vickers Hardness ~1350
Appearance Cream – White

The Market Leading high performance ZTA media, offering exceptional wear resistance at competitive prices, ideally suited to the High Intensity Requirement of IsaMills and HIGMills.

Keramos have been supplying ceramic media to our operation since 2009 for use in the 2 x M10000, 2 x M5000 and 4 x M3000 IsaMills. Keramos has supplied both 6mm media for coarse grinding applications as well as 2mm media for ultrafine grinding applications. Over the years we have extensively tested media from throughout the globe but have not found a supplier which is more cost effective than Keramos.