X-Star ZTX370 – X-Star Stabilised ZTA Formulation 3.7 SG

Ultra-High Performance X-Star stabilised zirconium toughened alumina formulation. Delievers unparalleled wear performance in the most demanding high intensity applications, well suited to high speed milling of mineral ores and similar hard materials.



Property Specification
Al2O3 (%) >87
SiO2 (%) <3
ZrO2 and Other (%) < 5
Solids Density (g/cm3) 3.65 – 3.85
Sizes (mm) 1 – 12
Roundness (%) > 93
Water Absorption (%) 0.0
Vickers Hardness ~1400
Appearance White / Ivory

Market leading ulta-high performance ZTA formulation designed to deliver the best consumption performance and lowest operating costs in high intensity systems such as the IsaMill or HIG Mill

“Keramos has saved us around AUD$2 million per year directly on media costs. The other savings are mill linings, agitator arms, maintenance costs, downtime, freight and storage. Consequently, we’ve awarded Keramos a long-term contract for the supply of their ceramic grinding media.”
SMD Mill