Delivering the highest degree of logistics and supply chain management services to ensure Keramos' customers cost-efficiency, and security, in product supply

Keramos endeavour to provide the highest quality of service in all aspects of our supply chain. We provide a unique and unparalleled degree of logistics and stock services to ensure that our customers supply chain is secure and monitored at all stages of production, shipping, and delivery.

The Keramos logistics team have a wealth of knowledge and experience in supply chain management n the global scale. Keramos have customers in all worldwide regions, and deliver our products successfully, on time, every time.

The team can work in conjunctions with our customers procurement teams to monitor stock levels and usage on-site. Changes in customers usage requirements can be flagged early, and adjustments made to supply arrangements to accommodate and prevent and threats to production.

Keramos’ service teams are on-hand and available 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. We understand that our customers continuing production is paramount and all keramos’ service offerings can be called on at short notice whenever is necessary.

Our logistics and supply chain management services are committed to providing the most cost effective shipping for our customers. Limiting expense and delivery times wherever possible.


"Keramos has saved us around AUD$2 million per year directly on media costs. The other savings are mill linings, agitator arms, maintenance costs, downtime, freight and storage. Consequently, we've awarded Keramos a long-term contract for the supply of their ceramic grinding media." -
SMD Mill