On-Site Product Support

Keramos ceramic grinding media service provided by the Regional Metallurgical Managers offer qualified expertise for the on-site support of our customers during the commissioning, trialling, and on-going use of Keramos ceramic grinding media products.



Keramos’ Metallurgical Managers are qualified and experienced professionals specific to UFG processes. Their expertise and experience can be applied to our customers processes in order to assist in the optimisation of the use of Keramos products.

This unique approach is not provided by any other manufacturer or supplier of ceramic grinding media and helps to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, and the full realisation of the benefits on offer to customers from Keramos market leading product performance.

Keramos’ Metallurgical managers will provide skilled assistance in the use of our ceramic grinding and its implementation into our customers stirred media milling processes. Our team are highly experienced in the operation and optimisation of all major stirred media milling technologies and processes, including; IsaMill, HIG Mill and SMD technologies. Keramos have strong ties with these major stirred media milling technology manufacturers, and will work closely with the OEM to produce the most optimised performance from our customers mills and media.

“In regards to backing up their products, Keramos have maintained regular site visits (four per year)
and are always prompt in regards to any site concerns. It has been a pleasure to work with Keramos
and I would recommend them if you are seeking cost effective products.”

SMD Mill Africa