Media Performance Audits

As Part of our ceramic grinding media Service Commitment Keramos can arrange annual visits to ceramic grinding media customers to ensure that every aspect of product performance and customer satisfaction is being consistently achieved.



If Requested as part of the service contract, our team will provide a full performance audit of our products on an annual basis. This can involve visits to site to check stock levels and perform analysis of our media products in use in our customers UFG processes.

Results of performance audits will be fully reported to our customers metallurgical teams, with comments on if and how any further advantages can be achieved. Keramos No. 1 aim is to absolutely maximise the cost efficiency of our products and relationships with our customers. If Keramos can make any recommendations to our customers that will save further costs, we will.

“In regards to backing up their products, Keramos have maintained regular site visits (four per year)
and are always prompt in regards to any site concerns. It has been a pleasure to work with Keramos
and I would recommend them if you are seeking cost effective products.”

SMD Mill Africa