Keramos understand the most important factors in the performance of cost effective ceramic grinding media are:


The successful optimisation of these factors ultimately leads to the realisation of cost efficiency which is the bottom line for our customers.

Industrially proven exceptional performance guaranteed to deliver cost efficiency and return on investment. 

Keramos are the only manufacturer and supplier in the world market that have put into place all the necessary facilities for our customers to achieve the highest level of value and cost efficiency from Keramos ceramic grinding media products.

First and foremost, Keramos have the world leading production facilities. These facilities which have been constructed in the last 5 years are equipped with the latest and most advanced manufacturing and control technologies. Aside to this our production facilities have dedicated QAQC control labs to monitor and control production to the highest level of standards. Combining world leading technologies, expertise, and controls allows Keramos to consistently produce the most advanced performance products in the market, at the most competitive prices.

Alongside the fundamental product performance, Keramos provide an unparalleled level of valuable support services. These support services combine to provide all the necessary requirements for our customers to achieve optimisation of the following product related factors:

Optimised Product Selection

Verified through industry approved Metallurgical Laboratory Support and Qualified Metallurgical Advisors

Optimised Product Implementation & Usage

Support through skilled metallurgical advisors, and detailed laboratory studies

Optimised Supply Chain Management

Logistics and Stock management support to ensure consistent and optimised supply