The Keramos High Intensity Grinding Series ceramic grinding media products provide the highest performance solution to the requirements of high energy intensity stirred media milling systems.

These products have been specifically developed to provide the best performance criteria and market leading wear resistance in highly aggressive milling applications as presented by technologies such as the IsaMill and HIGMill.


Exceptional performance high alumina media, ideally suited as a lower cost alternative for High Intensity Mills such as the Glecore IsaMill, or the Outotec HIGMill.


An Ultra-High Performance Zirconium Toughened Alumina grinding media, with unique additives. ZT370 series grinding media is a premium, fine-grained, high density ZTA based ceramic media.


The Market Leading high performance ZTA media, offering exceptional wear resistance at competitive prices, ideally suited to the High Intensity Requirement of IsaMills and HIGMills.


Ideally suited to the High Intensity Grinding requirement where slightly increased density is advantageous. Exceptional performance at competitive prices.


Premium Performance X-Star stabilised zirconium toughened alumina formulation, offering the lowest consumption rates, and highest cost efficiency for large installations

Keramos source the finest quality raw materials and apply tightly controlled unique production techniques and formulation preparation to manufacture these exceptional performance products.

The High Intensity Grinding Series is made up of 5 market leading products, providing differing ceramic densities in the range 3.6 – 4.1 SG, providing the highest wear resistance and performance for all high energy intensity milling applications.

Unique manufacturing technologies and control processes maintain the lowest possible production costs so that these exceptional quality products can be retailed at the most competitive prices. The combination of outstanding performance and wear resistance with unmatched pricing provides the worlds most cost competitive and effective solution to the media requirement of High Intensity Grinding Systems.

The product series is made up of the following five products:

  • MetPro AH360 – 92% Alumina 3.6 SG
  • MetPro ZT370 – ZTA Formulation 3.7 SG
  • X-Star ZTX370 – X-Star Stabilised ZTA Formulation 3.75 SG
  • MetPro ZT380 – ZTA Formulation 3.8 SG
  • MetPro ZT410 – ZTA Formulation 4.1 SG

"Keramos has saved us around AUD$2 million per year directly on media costs. The other savings are mill linings, agitator arms, maintenance costs, downtime, freight and storage. Consequently, we've awarded Keramos a long-term contract for the supply of their ceramic grinding media." -
SMD Mill